Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shoot! Live Model Photos!

While I know Etsy has recommended the use of live models for wearable art photos, I've never done it.... til now. And I'm excited to show you the results!

Our dear friends, Trix and Brian, have two beautiful high school age daughters and they happily agreed to try it. We had so much fun!

We met at 7:30am on a very hot July Saturday morning and chose 15 necklaces for each girl to model. How we chose the necklaces became a very fun rotation.

1.) They each chose one for themselves.
2.) I chose one for each of them.
3.) They each chose one for each other.

So we had a wonderful mix and they did such a great job. I thought they may be a bit self-consious and embarrassed to pose, but they are both natural models! Another thing that's so great about these sisters is that they are 15 months apart and are each others' best friend, too.

These photos are my favorites and it may be because they are wearing the special necklace they chose as payment for being my models!

And here's my favorite one of the sisters together :)

Thank you, Girls, for being supermodels for Steph's Jewels!

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  1. Julie -- Thanks for your nice note on our post! The girls look great in your jewelry! And speaking of etsy, you may be hearing from me soon; next week I start work on our shop! I'm pretty excited!! Will keep you posted. xo