Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vintage Family Photos

Before taking up jewelry, I was obsessed with framing vintage family photos. Our dining room is covered with them and somewhat tell a story of our family. I say "somewhat" because most of these folks passed away before we had the opportunity to know them.

Mom and Dad's first Holy Communion photos framed side by side.

A favorite of my sister (seester), Susan, and our brother, Michael, both toddlers. So cute.

Dad's grandparents, immigrants from Germany.

Jeff with his mom, Doris, when he was 3 years old. Love this!

Dad, as a teenager; I swear it looks like me when I was a teen! Lol!

Dad's mother, Elsie. She passed away when I was a baby.

More later -- this is fun!

Must go sell some jewels -- happy day to you!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reflection on 2013

On this first day of 2014, I can't help but reflect on the past year.

A few exciting developments have happened and just as many challenging and frustrating developments as well!

Steph's Jewels has had its most successful year to date. Sharing a shop at the PNC 2nd Street Market with Decoy Art Studio has been the opportunity I've needed and wanted for a long time! Increased custom orders, reaching regular market customers from Tipp City to Springboro, and the sheer volume of jewelry sales have all been very exciting and positive! Yet, taking a year break from art and craft shows, missing regular design and planning sessions with Heather, my dear friend (and partner in crime and creativity), and scaled back presence at local shops and boutiques have been difficult.

In 2014, I pledge to:
1. Bring my customers new and exciting upcycled vintage jewelry designs.
2. Try a few major out-of-town shows that Sherri of Sweet Annie's Vintage and I have been wanting to try.
3. Work with my market partner, Tabitha of Decoy Art, to take our market shop to the next level.
4. Renew Steph's Jewel's Etsy shop, with help from Stephanie of Steph's Jewels 4 Ella (my extraordinarily talented daughter).
5. Give better attention to my valued relationships with local shops that graciously pedal my wares - Myndi of Beans and Cream in Cedarville, DJ of Urban Handmade in Yellow Springs, Mary Kathryn of Clash Consignments in the Oregon District, Barb of Lorelei's in Centerville, and Erica of Rusty and Chippy in Xenia.

Thank you to all who have helped Steph's Jewel's and I to have a successful 2013. And cheers to 2014!