Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Creativity is a Way of Life

Creativity is now a way of life for me...

As a former member of the business-suit wearing, super-mom, working in an office for a living sector of our population, I left my day-job two years ago. A little freaked out by my lay-off caused by budget limitations, I realized how totally burnt-out I was and that I would most assuredly run away screaming if I ever had to put on a business suit again! I applied for unemployment and started looking for jobs in my field of charitable fund-raising.

Organizations in my field are still doing lay-offs and early retirements and therefore, jobs are scarce. I had been making jewelry for a few years as a favorite pastime, friends and family had bought some and I had often toyed with the idea... "Wouldn't it be fun to work for myself, make and sell jewelry?" I decided to give it a try while I searched for a new job.

I applied for and did a few art shows, held open-houses in my home, did a few custom orders for friends or friends of friends, had a VistaPrint magnet made for my car and I was lucky if I broke even. I knew it was a long road ahead if I was going to make my past salary at my new business! :)

A dear friend of mine for several years, Heather, had an adorable little shop in Lebanon, Ohio called Maddie Lisee. She needed some help with her shop, so I covered for her a couple of days a week. The more time we spent together, the more time we brainstormed about jewelry and creative ways of making money. We used to call the talks our "swimming sessions" because we would brainstorm until our heads were swimming! During one of these talks, we decided it would be fun to make jewelry out of vintage, antique and found items. I made a charm bracelet out of vintage buttons and Heather made a necklace out of a chandelier crystal and we were on our way!

Creativity is now a way of life for me...

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