Monday, September 7, 2009

Chandelier Crystals Re-Imagined

While I've been using vintage chandelier crystals as components in my altered vintage jewelry before, I've never used them as pendants on a necklace. Heather has decoupaged (is that the correct spelling?) images to the back of them for the past year to make ornaments and pendants for necklaces. I just wanted to do something different with them... something creative and new and fresh!

My latest obsession is to hang them under different ribbons that I've made into bows. On the cover of a recent fashion magazine, Taylor Swift was wearing a necklace that looked like it had a ribbon attached and I wasn't surprised that it caught my eye since the designer was Lanvin, one of my all time favorites. Not that I've ever actually WORN any of their clothing, but I've always admired the designs!

I tested a few ribbons sitting on top of my gorgeous teardrop chandelier crystals, perfected the technique, and my newest series was born is now being tested on the market!

Gotta love it when an obsession with a vision becomes a reality...

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