Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My cousin, Mary Ellen, holds a Holiday Open House and Sale at her house every year right before Thanksgiving. It's become a tradition over the past 10 years and her friends and associates visit to get a head-start on their holiday shopping!

I've been lucky enough to be part of this fun event for the past three years and her guests have grown to love my jewels. Man, I just love it when people love and appreciate my jewels!

This year was extra special because the day after our big event, Mary Ellen got out her stash of family jewelry. Her parents, my uncle and aunt, have recently passed away and to her delight, they kept many momentos that Mary Ellen didn't expect to find!

We played around with the items, thinking about all the ways we could incorporate these treasured items into new jewelry for Mary Ellen.

With my beloved Uncle Tom's Navy dog-tag and peacoat button and other special things, we made what Mary Ellen now calls her "Daddy Necklace".



  1. Very cool Julie! You always do such a wonderful job.

  2. Hey Julie! Great to hear from you. The mannequins vary in price; e-mail me and I'll explain. xo

  3. Hey Julie! Sorry to be slow in responding to your comment. I took photos of the "afters" on the mannequins, but other posts ended up edging them out. Check watching, though, we may still get them in! (: Hope you are well. xo