Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vintage Button Necklaces

Like most artists, I find inspiration in everyday activities. My most recent inspiration came in the form of a magazine photo while catching up on Hollywood gossip in the waiting room of a doctor's office.

Kim Kardashian was sporting a fabulous vintage necklace made out of chain, chain and more chain. I liked it and gave it a moment's thought, but inpiration didn't hit until I was asleep that night... Do others realize inspiration while dreaming???

I woke up with my vision and went right to work. My lovely collection of vintage buttons are now adorning chain necklaces, one of which is modeled here by my lovely daughter, Stephanie.

While I haven't yet posted them on, I've made seven of these beauties and I'm sure they will find their way to etsy soon.


  1. That is really very very cool! Most my inspiration comes from kids always tell me to STOP WORKING WITH BLUE..I always migrate to blue and nautical. Nature is my overall pull :) I love your work and Annas to.

  2. I LOVELOVE buttons-especially vintage and once bought a whole jar of them at an antique shop. I would kill for a necklace like the one above-for what's it's worth :-)